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~ Wednesday, July 31 ~


He spanks me. He bites and pinches my nipples. He even wraps his hands around my throat. It’s no wonder he wasn’t surprised by the idea of me enjoying being slapped across the face. 

They lay together as if they were still connected to each other. Catching their breath, letting their bodies sync back to normal resting levels. Her skin was still aglow from the sharpness of his hand as it fell against her ass. Their eyes met and he took he opportunity to break the hazy silence. 

'You love it rough don't you?'

She let out a soft moan of satisfied agreement. She enjoyed it more than he knew. Her fingers trailed across his arm and found the perfect place to pinch. 


As he spoke, he playfully hit her arm, immediately noticing the effect that his simple action had on her. A tense body, an inhalation of breath, those wide eyes. 

'You enjoyed that didn't you? You enjoyed me hitting you…Do you think you would enjoy if I slapped you?'

'Probably', she whispered, looking deeply into his eyes. 

He stared, contemplating his next move. His hand was drawn to her face, softly cupping her chin. Then, he slowly drew back and gently swiped across her cheeks. 

Her face conveyed a combination of shock, pleasure and anticipation. 

'You did enjoy that…you're so submissive'. 

'Mmm yes', she moaned. 'More than you know.' 

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~ Sunday, June 16 ~

When his thumb (purposefully) circles my asshole as he fucks me…

…mmm…a delicious prequel of things to come…

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~ Tuesday, May 21 ~

The consequence of sequential orgasms…

The first is for stress relief. His persistent fingers easing the strain in her brain with each enduring circle. She sinks into the sensation, knowing that those movements are reliable, no matter the time needed to push her over the brink. 

The second is for his engaging curiosity. How his fingertips wander so slowly across her skin. So soon after the first, almost too much for her to bare. Watching her turn into an uncontrollable mess. Her reactions heightened and uncaring. Raw and unburdened. 

The third is for his ego. A smile spreads across his face as her body jerks away from him. Pulling away from his touch. Her eyes softly closed with a heaving chest. He stares and smirks at the ease of which his fingers can work. 

The fourth is his finale. Hands pushing her against the wall, teeth grazing at her nipple. Fingers searching. Delicacy does not exist any more. Her knees buckling and her grip grasping as his force propels her to orgasm. No longer is she standing. As the crescendo hits she crawls down his upright form and is kissing the floor. 

As she begins to sink into the depths of the carpet, there are hands. Strong ones. Aiding her rise, pulling her arms around his neck. Time is given for her to soften. Then, a deep kiss and a departure. In a blink, he has gone. All that is left is a dazed and satisfied girl in his wake.  

Orgasms to heal two souls. 

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~ Monday, May 6 ~

It’s a bank holiday…

…and I have nothing to do.

So I’m thinking butt plug and multiple orgasms.

Sound good?

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~ Saturday, April 20 ~

You’ve got a little something on your face…

Oh fuck! This morning, I started teasing him. Slow, soft caresses of his cock through his boxers. I felt like drawing it out, making him oh so very ready for my mouth. Oh…I just love the feeling of a hard cock underneath my fingers. It just feels so good. 

'You're so hard'. 

That sentence caused a groan and a little jolt of that cock in my hand. 

'Mmm…I love that…when your cock jumps'

Another groan. I teased for so very long, finally taking off his boxers and marvelling at that beautiful cock of his. I felt my mouth watering but I held back. I slid my fingers into my own wetness to create a little lubrication. I played with him. Just enjoying his reactions and the feel of him. All of a sudden, I felt an urge to ask him something:

'If you could come anywhere on my body, where would you choose?'

He groaned again and said that he couldn’t choose. So, I kept on playing. I took him in my mouth and teased and teased. Bringing him close to orgasm and then stopping to aim a grin at him. It didn’t take him long to take control of my head. Funny, I can concentrate more when he does that. All I have to think about is breathing. Anyway… he loosened his grip and I seized my moment once more. 

'How do you want to come?' I whispered, kneeling over him. 

'I want to come on your face'. 

Oh…fuck. I have been fantasising about that for fucking ages. I think I exhaled quite loudly as a massive shiver of excitement and arousal spread through my body. 

'Is that okay?' He asked, with a sweet little look of concern on his face. 

An exasperated yes was all I could manage. Then, everything was a blur. He got off the bed and pulled me to the edge. He took my head and started to push me down on his cock.

Breathe…breathe…ah fuck he is going to come on my face..fuck..breathe! 

I felt him harden even more and I knew just how close he was. He pulled out, took hold of his cock and gave those last few strokes that he needed to push him over the edge. 

'Open your mouth, stick your tongue out'. How could I resist such a demand? I was already poised to do that. I didn't need telling. But fuck did him telling me to do that turn me on even more. I tilted my head back and looked up at him. And then…fuck…there it was. The noises he makes, the face he pulls and that hot, warm liquid falling onto my face. My forehead, my eye, my mouth, my cheeks. It even slid down in between my breasts. God…it felt so fucking amazing. I felt overwhelmed and I couldn't stop grinning. Even after we had cleaned up I bombarded him with kisses. That little experience had set off fireworks in my brain and rendered normally useful and sane parts of it useless. I was drifting off into a wonderful world and it felt so damn good.

I have wanted to experience that for so very long. It felt just like I had hoped. That little spark of humiliation. The feeling of being used. The filthiness of the whole situation. The wonderful fulfilling feeling…

Fuck. This man is just what I need. 

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~ Tuesday, April 16 ~
I’m inspired and just plain horny. This is an urge that will be satisfied tonight…

I’m inspired and just plain horny. This is an urge that will be satisfied tonight…

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~ Sunday, April 14 ~
On my journey home today, there was a girl sitting a few seats ahead of me. She kept twisting around to catch a glimpse of the sunset. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She had that look of…filth. Beautiful filth. Her lips were pursed yet slightly open. She just had this aura about her. One that made me want to fuck her. 
Needless to say, my thoughts were far from the setting sun and firmly locked onto what her body would feel like as I ran my fingernails down it. How she might writhe as my tongue pressed against her clit…How she might taste…
Mm…I’m getting distracted…

On my journey home today, there was a girl sitting a few seats ahead of me. She kept twisting around to catch a glimpse of the sunset. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She had that look of…filth. Beautiful filth. Her lips were pursed yet slightly open. She just had this aura about her. One that made me want to fuck her.

Needless to say, my thoughts were far from the setting sun and firmly locked onto what her body would feel like as I ran my fingernails down it. How she might writhe as my tongue pressed against her clit…How she might taste…

Mm…I’m getting distracted…

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~ Saturday, April 6 ~

Information (because it’s not really inappropriate)

I have just realised why I am still ridiculously horny after some fantastically satisfying fucking. It’s my nipples

They ache so very much that even the slightest friction my bra causes against them provokes a reaction in me. It is a reminder of his clamping teeth. Tightly closed against the sensitive skin of my nipple whilst my body moved on top of him. The pain increasing with the rise and fall of my body. My entire world enveloped solely by the pain in my nipples and the feeling of him filling me over and over again. My mind screaming for him to release me yet feeling myself yearning to prolong it. 

I can still feel him now. If my nipples find their way to his teeth, the number of orgasms I have is of no significance to my poor libido.

And then there are the bite marks on my neck… 

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~ Wednesday, April 3 ~

Information (because it’s not really inappropriate)…

We fuck like…well…like rabbits (yes I made a late Easter joke). That is nice. More than nice. However, what makes my day are the little odd moments. The other day, we were innocently watching TV. All of a sudden, he pulled my top down, giggled and exclaimed ‘boobs!’

My eyebrows raised and I burst out into laughter. And of course, I took that opportunity to sit next to him and lift my top up so he could get a better look ;) 

After lowering my top again, I said: ‘You know, you can see them whenever you like. You just have to ask.’

That evening was scattered with lots of ‘show me’ comments. I’m awaiting the first (semi) public one ;) (well, a girl can dream…)

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~ Monday, December 31 ~

Inappropriate Information

Right this very second, I have a vibrator in my ass.

I woke up horny, which eventually led to my fingers finding their way to my clit. It turns me on so much to feel the wetness that has built up. The skin around my pussy is so soft and delicate when it is covered in my own juices. I played so gently with my clit, slowly bringing myself up to an edge. I didn’t want to come at that point and I’m glad I didn’t. At that point, I had an overwhelming need to be filled. My thoughts automatically ran to pushing my vibrator deep into my pussy. I fumbled around to find it and within seconds, I was moaning against its depth. It felt so good. I started to fuck myself with it, whilst my fingers kept up a rhythm against my clit.

Again, I did not cum. Instead, I brought myself up to one almighty edge. I was shaking and still not close to being satisfied. There was still something missing. I needed to be filled in a different way than normal. I just had this urge, an overwhelming one, to fill my ass.

I sucked on my finger and then gently, pushed against my asshole. That feeling is still something that takes me by surprise. It always feels better than I am expecting. Much, much better.

Instead of playing with my fingers a little more, I then moved straight to my vibrator. The idea that it would be a challenge because of its size, that it might hurt a bit…well that turned me on even more. The vibrator was already lubricated quite well, yet as I pushed in, I felt that wonderful resistance. I had to physically relax myself, calm myself down, in order to push further.

When it was quite deep, I couldn’t help but try to fuck myself. I forget, how good that feels. It takes over everything. I have much, much less control over my bodies reactions than I usually do.

I ended this wonderful session by kneeling on my bed, sitting so that the vibrator was pushing deep into my ass. I played with my clit whilst grinding against the vibrator. I came so, so hard. It was a full body reaction, the most wonderful kind of orgasm.

And now, some time after, I am laying here writing this. The vibrator is still in my ass and I’m feeling like one naughty, filthy little girl ;)

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~ Friday, December 7 ~

Inappropriate Information.

Today at work, one of my colleagues picked up a ruler and started tapping it lightly over his thigh as he spoke. It was an action not too dissimilar in intent than playing with a pen or fiddling with a piece of paper. My mind didn’t see that though. I couldn’t focus on anything but the motion of that ruler. The sound, however slight, that it was making. The thought of it striking my skin, the marks it might leave, the sounds I would make. The position I would be in, the atmosphere in the room. The pain it would leave behind.

Conversation was directed at me and I fumbled and stuttered. I probably went red too.

Giggle. “Sorry, I wasn’t listening”.

Well, half truths are better than no truths at all…

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~ Sunday, October 21 ~

Inappropriate information…

I had four orgasms before even getting out of bed today.

Weekends are my favourite :D

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~ Wednesday, October 3 ~

Why not, I bet the girl in the next cubicle was knuckle deep!!!

Ha. Well at that time, the next cubicle was occupied by an elderly lady with her daughters handing her clothes to try on. So I would hope not!!

Why not?

…because nobody told me to. It’s actually very close to a limit for me. Not quite a resounding no, but something that would take a lot of courage and persuasion. 

Also, I’m shy ;)

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Inappropriate information…

Today, whilst trying on some clothes in a shop changing room, I happened to brush my fingers over the top of my panties in just the right place. I turn on like a light switch ;) I definitely considered playing with myself right there and then with just a curtain separating me from the world. Of course, I wouldn’t actually do that…

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~ Friday, August 24 ~

Inappropriate information…

Today, when I was getting dressed, there was a knock at the door. I didn’t have time to find any underwear so I just grabbed the nearest clothes I could find. It just so happened to be my tight, 3/4 yoga pants and a loose top. At the door was my neighbour, wanting to ask me a question. However, we always end up having a long conversation. I was very aware of both the tightness of my pants and the fact that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. When I finally came back inside I realised that there was a rather large wet patch in a most obvious place…

…on realisation of just how turned on this had made me I quickly went upstairs and …hmm…relieved myself. 

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