A bounty of kink & beauty.

Ahoy there! Here you will find images of beautiful women, inspiring bondage and wonderful words. There will also be the odd picture of an adorable animal and things I find interesting and striking. I am just a little bit kinky so it's probably best to give the following warnings: 18+ NSFW. Ask me things. I don't bite (well...I do sometimes. But only if you are exceptionally wonderful) Enjoy ;) Oh- if there are any problems with pictures, please let me know and I will remove. If you want to contact me outside of tumblr's useless messaging system my email address is: purplepirate@hotmail.co.uk
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Here are some simple facts about me:
  • I am female
  • I am from England
  • I am 23.
  • I have a degree in Biology & Psychology.
  • I’m really rather submissive.
  • I love animals (apart from insects and spiders etc- I also dislike butterflies…)
  • I like intelligent people- there is nothing sexier than an informed mind.
  • Sometimes, I make crisp (American=chip) sandwiches and they are fantastic.
  • I work in a Pharmacy.
  • I have ticklish knees.
  • I don’t mind if you want to talk to me ;)